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Pets transportation in St.Petersburg

In St.Petersburg, pets are not allowed in public transport such as metro, buses, trams and in most cases are not accepted in taxis. If you come to St.Petersburg and need a pet transportation, we will be happy to help!

Our pet-friendly vehicles have enough space for the safe and comfortable transportation of animals (Dogs, cats, etc.) and necessary accessories (cages, tables, tents, etc.).We can help with door to door trips anywhere your pet needs to be transported to: exhibitions, veterinary clinics, hotels and apartments, railway stations, airports and the port of St.Petersburg. Maybe you have some nuances or wishes for the trip with your pets – our drivers or at least a dispatcher speak English and it is easy and comfortable to explain when and where you want to start your trip, how you want to plan your route and when you need a return trip.

The hourly rent of pet taxi with English speaking driver in St.Petersburg, distant trips to other towns or international trips from St. Petersburg to Finland are also available.

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