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MeetMeTaxi – this is an excellent opportunity to book punctual and reliable taxi or comfortable transportation of any kind in St. Petersburg online in advance from any part of the World. We provide taxi services all over the City, at all international railway stations, airports and ports in St. Petersburg. All our drivers are professionals and have driving experience of more than 10 years. Online orders are accepted by dispatching service in English, Finnish, Russian and other languages. MeetMeTaxi is a reliable taxi service in Saint-Petersburg for those who appreciate comfort, quality and individual approach at affordable price!

Our fees are clear and understandable to our Customers

In St. Petersburg it is usual that the real cost of a taxi trip differs from the promised in the beginning of the order. The operator always calls the initial (basic) cost of the order, which is calculated on the mileage of the standard route, but in practice, if the taxi driver changes the standard route because of accidents, traffic jams, closed or repaired roads or just wants some extra, the cost of taxi trip increases!

We offer our customers fixed rates of their taxi trips. For your convenience we have divided the St. Petersburg city into zones. The cost of travel is determined by the zone you are going to. You always know in advance and for sure, how much your taxi trip will cost even if the driver has to change his route or wait in a traffic jam.

We do not take any extra fee for the service in foreign languages.

In St. Petersburg there are practically no taxi services that provide service in foreign languages. And those who are trying to do that take an additional charge. So it turns out that for those guests of the city who do not speak Russian, the taxi trip is always more expensive. We think that it is not right. We serve our customers in English, Finnish, Russian and some other languages. We consider it as a necessary standard of our service. It is always easy to explain us where, when and how you need taxi or other transportation services in Saint-Petersburg! This kind of comfort is absolutely for free!

We do not take any extra fee for the meeting with a name-board, child-seat or longer waiting.

If you order meeting with a signboard, the majority of Saint-Petersburg taxi companies charge an additional 10 – 20% of the total order cost. We will always meet You with a booking number or your name on the signboard and help with a luggage without any extra fees.

Comfort and safety for your child is also for free, just inform us beforehand that you need the child-seat for your baby!

Most transportation companies take extra for the waiting of a customer and start charging already from the 10th minute of waiting. So if you are late, per each minute of waiting they charge an extra fee. We do not let our customers to feel stress about that, as we do understand that almost always it is not their fault, so if there is a reasonable reason for a customer to be late, we will wait one hour for free!

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